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Past Clients

He’s clearly a talented developer, but he’s set apart by his ability to work with non-technical clients and help them in terms they can understand. Further, Brian’s engagement model, which we were concerned about at the offset, turned out to be another great asset – we knew we had his undivided attention for the time he was working with us. Feeling that your business is a priority is crucial when working with consultants, and Brian delivers. We look forward to working with him again.

One obstacle would have been if you could do what I needed. To a newbie, I wasn’t sure what was involved in the migration of one site to another. Plus, I wasn’t even sure what I really needed. When you are clueless, you are clueless on what to ask for.

I found from your assistance that hiring a professional helps you understand all the problems you have. My site was bloated, and I wasn’t sure how to go about cleaning it up. You explained to me security issues, as well as, took over and deactivated plugins that weren’t in use. Simple, easy to understand terms on how to make my site faster and easier to navigate.

What I liked most about the service was the speed in which you helped me. You also kept in constant communication with me so I never felt like you disappeared into the Internet. It’s always a risk when you hire someone site unseen, but you took every step to make me feel comfortable that you were still working on my project.

I would recommend you service because you are friendly, fast, knowledgeable, and you are involved with WordPress seminars. The latter reassured me that you are qualified to help me with my project.

I would like to add that I’m very pleased with your work, and you prevented me from hours and hours of aggravation. Databases, WordPress, and the like are like a rabbit hole. For the novice, once you think you fixed something, you messed something else up. There is a time to be creative and to tinker around, and there is a time to call in professional assistance.