Hey there, I’m Brian Hogg.

Photo of Brian HoggI’m a guy of many titles. One could call me a…

In the end, I love helping people get the most out of technology to give them the freedom to do more in less time.

Brian Hogg is by far and away the best specialist I’ve ever met. He’s quick, efficient and adaptable. He listens to what I need and provides appropriate solutions. And his solutions actually work, he does not speak in jargon, or remind me of how little I know about computer technology. I could not recommend him too highly.

A little more about me…

  • I started building software at the young age of 12 and created my first startup (a popular online bingo game) by age 15.
  • I managed the technology at multiple Bell Canada stores while in high school.
  • I love electronic music. Aruna. deadmau5. Morgan Page. The list goes on.
  • I’m full of lame jokes and puns.
  • Nothing makes me happier than when a few lines of well-planned code saves someone hours out of their lives every month.

Get in touch with me

brian@brianhogg.com  //  twitter  //  linkedin