How to Remove on a Nortictrack Machine with iFit

I hopped on the treadmill about a week ago and as I started the workout, music suddenly started blaring from the machine and a “” block appeared in the top left. I listen to music on another speaker so I looked in the settings on how to get rid of it, and there’s actually no setting to do that. Pretty silly, especially if you play music on the treadmill itself – it’ll play both your music and the music from at the same time.

You can just mute the music in the volume settings, by clicking volume up or down then dragging the Music part all the way to the left. That doesn’t get rid of the dark box on the screen though. I’d much rather see the trainer and the beautiful scenery than the names of songs I’m not listening to.

So if you’re looking to get rid of that block, you’ve come to the right place! You’ve got a couple options.

Block on Your Router

If your router (the box that likely provides the wifi connection for the treadmill) happens to have an option to block one or more specific websites, you can just put as a blocked site and that should do the trick.

If your router is like mine and doesn’t give you that option, there’s another way to do it – using the OpenDNS service. It’s free to block some websites on a residential network.

Block Using OpenDNS

Sign up for OpenDNS Home

Go to the sign up page for OpenDNS Home and sign up. This will let you block certain websites or even categories of websites on your home network, and likely give you a bit faster of an experience using the internet.

Add OpenDNS to your Router

The instructions to do this vary depending on what router (the device that likely provides your wifi connection) you have at home.

Luckily OpenDNS provides specific instructions depending on the make and model of your router. Just click on the “Home routers” option after signing up:

Once you’ve added the OpenDNS nameservers – or the servers that tell your computer and your Nortictrack machine exactly where exists on the internet – to your router, use the “test your settings” page to make sure it was added correctly. If so you’ll see a message like this:

Add Your Network to OpenDNS

In order to block on your network, you need to add it to your OpenDNS account.

Login to OpenDNS using the email and password you entered in the first step. You’ll need to verify your email address if you haven’t yet, by clicking a link in an email OpenDNS sends you.

Next, use the Add a Network button to add your network to your OpenDNS account:

Your current network address, or IP address, is shown along the top of the page. It should automatically add your network in the box for you. Just click on “Add This Network” to add it on your account:

After you click the link you’ll see a pop up asking you to give the network a friendly name. I just entered “Home” and clicked Done.

You’ll likely want to click on the “OpenDNS Updater” link to download a small app to keep your network address up to date, as your network address will change from time to time. You don’t need to do this right away though to make sure everything is working first.

Add as a Blocked Site

Last but not least, let’s add as a blocked site.

Click on the dropdown in the top-left corner, and select your network to open the settings page:

Then, at the bottom of the page under “Manage individual domains,” enter and click “Add Domain”:

Once you’ve added the domain it’ll take up to 3 minutes for it to start working. To make sure it’s being blocked try to visit on your computer or phone connected to the same network, and you should see a blocked website message:

That’s it! Now the next time you turn on your Nordictrack machine and start a new workout, should be gone.

Enjoy your workouts!

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