Highlights from the LoopConf 2018 Conference

A couple weeks ago I attended LoopConf 2018, a conference specifically for WordPress developers. Funnily enough, a lot of the talks weren’t just for WordPress developers but for web developers in general.

You can see the full listing of talks from this year but here are some highlights I thought you’d get a lot out of:

Using Chrome Dev Tools

I’ve been using Chrome dev tools for years, but picked up a ton of trips from Shawn in this talk. If you do any kind of front-end work this is definitely worth a watch.

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Zen Mode: Developing Offline

We get way too many distractions during the day, from Slack knock-brushes to SMS alerts. This talk gives some great workflow tools for effectively working offline (Dash + Alfred has been amazing for blazing fast PHP/JavaScript documentation even when still online).

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Creating better APIs

This was a bit of an unexpected talk and wish I’d seen it years sooner. Dennis shows some quick ways to reduce the number of API calls your application has to make, and techniques such as including a status parameter to significantly clean up your front-end and back-end code.

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