Are you tired of paying high fees selling tickets with Eventbrite?

I help businesses that sell tickets to multiple events throughout the year save those fees and sell through their website instead!

But there’s a whole bunch of different ways to sell tickets through your website, and picking the wrong combination of payment processor and method of selling tickets can create a poor experience for your customers.  I help you pick the right one to sell tickets to your events, keeping you and your customers happy.

In addition, using a service where you’re paying high fees can actually decrease the number of tickets you sell.  Once someone leaves your website, there’s always a chance they get confused, close their computer, and never buy your ticket!

By keeping your visitor on your website, you’re doing everything you can to ensure that you’re maximizing your chance of converting that visitor into a paying customer.

What’s the first step?

The first step is to have a call to review your website and your business, so I can provide my recommendations.  The cost of this call is $99, and after our call you’ll receive a summary of our discussion, my recommendations of how you would start selling tickets on your website, and the costs involved.

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But isn’t there a high cost to start selling from my website?

While there’s an initial cost to getting the system set up, it’ll pay for itself in reduced transaction fees and reduced administration time by having everything right within your website.

How do I start selling on my website instead if I already have events that I’m selling through something like Eventbrite?

We can plan for how you would transition over. Often times this would mean selling through both Eventbrite for events you’re already selling, then selling new, future events through your own website.

I’ve tried to set up a way to sell tickets through my website before, but could never get it working the way I wanted.  Will I be able to customize how tickets are sold?

Absolutely!  There are many options to sell tickets through your website, and one will either match the way you need to sell tickets to your event, or can be customized to do so.

What if ticket sales go down because people are used to using Eventbrite?

While ticket sales will likely increase with people staying on your website through the whole process, if after 3 months your sales have declined, I’ll help you migrate back to your old system at no additional cost.

Won’t I need to go through the hassle and expense of creating a merchant account to start selling tickets through my website?

Nope!  You can start selling using a service that will allow you to process credit card transactions, and have the revenue (minus processing fees) deposited directly to your bank account.  If your volume is high enough to warrant the effort in creating a merchant account, that can be used to sell your tickets instead.

What kind of website do I need?

The solutions I provide use WordPress-based websites.  If you’re not on WordPress already, we can look at alternatives or work out a plan to get you there.

Is this worthwhile for me?

Say you’re selling tickets to an event for $100 each, and you sell 100 of them over the course of a couple months.  This event sold through Eventbrite can cost $349 just for that one event or workshop.  That’s in addition to the credit card processing fees.

Sell through your website instead, and you save these fees, and provide a better experience (and typically a higher number of ticket sales) for your attendees!

I have some tech experience, can’t I just set this up myself?

You sure can!  After our discussion, I’ll lay out the recommended tools and techniques I would use if I was setting up the system to sell tickets on your website for you.  You’re more than welcome to take that plan and do it yourself, or have someone else do it for you.

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