How to shape the new WordPress Plugin Directory

The new WordPress Plugin Directory design was launched this week, and while it looks prettier there’s some significant usability issues.  A lot of plugin authors (including myself) submitted multiple pieces of feedback using the form they wanted us to use, but nothing really changed.

We’re feeling a little ignored.  Even Matt was.

So what to do when you’re annoyed with something?  Vent on Facebook!

Facebook comment photo

I was commenting and liking (so many likes..) with some of the large threads on groups like Advanced WordPress, until I realized it wasn’t all that productive.

Sure some of the folks on the WordPress meta team saw and even replied to the comments, it wasn’t organized and the chance of action actually being taken on it was slim.

What to do instead?

WordPress has an amazing community behind it, but at the end of the day a lot of the work being done is from volunteers doing their best with the limited time they have to give.  If there’s change you want to see, being an active part of the community will move things in the right direction.