How to ensure visitors can tap on phone numbers on WordPress posts/pages

If you’re like most businesses, one of the main calls to action is a phone number.  And the beauty of a mobile visitor is that they’re already holding a device that can call you.

Often the phone number will be automatically detected and turned into a link that visitors can tap on to call.  But if the browser doesn’t detect the phone number or worse doesn’t detect it correctly, the people who you want calling you will have a frustrating experience of flipping back and forth while manually typing in the phone number.  Annoying and most visitors won’t even try.

Unable to click on phone numbers in Chrome on an iPhone. Not cool…


Fortunately we can fix this pretty easily.  First, highlight the phone number in your page or post then click on the link icon:

How to highlight phone number then add link to make it clickable in WordPress

In the box that appears, type tel: followed by your phone number.  You should add the international format with a + followed by your country code so no matter what, it will dial correctly.

Adding tel followed by the phone number as a link in WordPress

Now if I open up Chrome on an iPhone, the link appears for my phone number:

Link now appears for the phone number in the WordPress post

And your visitors are happily able to call just by tapping the phone number:

Phone number lets visitors call and everyone's happy

If your phone number appears in the header or footer, you’ll need to add a link in the HTML like this:

<a href="tel:+19055551234">905-555-1234</a>

Replacing with your actual phone number.  Even if your phone number is an image you can still wrap it in a tel: link and voila, your number is clickable and your visitors (and potential customers) happy.