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I’d love to help you! I can help you:

  • Assess and optimize your existing website
  • Allow customers to purchase products and services right from your site
  • Eliminate as many manual tasks for maintaining your site and engaging with your audience as possible
  • Build the customized software you need to simplify your business and automate manual tasks
  • Ensure everyone has access to information they need

He’s clearly a talented developer, but he’s set apart by his ability to work with non-technical clients and help them in terms they can understand. Further, Brian’s engagement model, which we were concerned about at the offset, turned out to be another great asset – we knew we had his undivided attention for the time he was working with us. Feeling that your business is a priority is crucial when working with consultants, and Brian delivers. We look forward to working with him again.

Case Studies

Some examples of how I’ve helped clients achieve their goals:

Risk Management at McMaster University

Nearly all McMaster student events go through the Risk Management system I developed in association with the health and safety team. The process I helped to design allows various departments and admin contacts to approve or decline events, and avoids any paperwork to secure resources (equipment, facilities, etc) after the event is approved.

Cambridge Sports

A provider of various sports leagues previously used a combination of tools and a lengthly manual process to calculate the standings and get necessary waivers signed. Through the development of a custom WordPress theme, the process that used to take hours a week now takes only minutes, allowing organizers to do what they would rather be doing – focusing on providing the best possible experience for players.

Student Housing Search

The site was redesigned from the ground up to make searching for housing simple for students and easy for landlords. Landlords are able to purchase and edit listings quickly using an intuitive interface reducing administrative overhead, and the introduction of a “bump up” option added significant additional revenue.

Website Optimization

A slow site frustrates users and lowers conversions, and if it’s not properly maintained opens you up to security vulnerabilities. I’ve assessed and corrected numerous sites to reduce load time, improve security, and give your website the best chance of success.

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Brian helped identify the needs of our organization and conveyed how he could utilize his time well while staying within our budget. We went from having a site which looked amateurish and unfocussed to one that was professional, organized, and easily modifiable. For a professional job with WordPress, I would look nowhere else.