The Discovery Session

Consider The Discovery Session like a roadmap, highlighting where you are today, where you are going tomorrow, and the best path to launch your organization from here to there.

The Discovery Session is an in-depth assessment designed to help your organization:

  • Diagnose current challenges in your organization’s workflow
  • Identify upcoming risks, roadblocks, and rewards
  • Uncover the opportunities for growth, innovation, and impact in your organization
  • Save your collective time, energy, and passion for the important work – the work you actually care about
  • Chart your organization’s course and create an action plan for implementation

The Discovery Session is perfect for your organization if…

  • You want more time and energy to do your best work
  • You’re ready to cannonball into the world of smart systems and automation
  • You’re ready to implement change but you don’t know where in the world to start

Brian helped identify the needs of our organization and conveyed how he could utilize his time well while staying within our budget. We went from having a site which looked amateurish and unfocused to one that was professional, organized, and easily modifiable. I would look nowhere else.

Abraham Zamcheck
Director, Global Citizens Initiative (NPO)

So what’s included?

  • The Half-Day Exploration

    We jump on the phone or Skype and I ask you targeted questions to help me discover the opportunities in your organization for growth, innovation, and impact.*

  • The Report

    The assessment – created specifically for your organization – including diagnosis; roadmap for future opportunities, impact, and success; and accompanying documents (initial visual diagrams, etc) so that you have just about everything you need to kickoff the implementation.
    [See The Implementation for more info].

  • The Estimate

    With the report, I’ll provide an estimate if you’d like me to bring your vision to life.

If you’re ready for a clear solution for your organization, book a complimentary 30-minute “Clarity Session” today to see how I can help.

* Depending on the scope of your project, we may need to schedule a one-day Exploration, rather than a half-day Exploration


Pricetag: $2,000

Schedule Complimentary Clarity Session

He asked relevant and appropriate questions before building the tool so that, through the development and implementation stages, he truly understood what we were looking for and why. The end result was that he built the tool we expected, plus more.

Sue Vajoczki
Faculty of Social Work, McMaster University