Making Pro Plugins

A course on making and marketing a pro (for money) WordPress plugin

If you liked my presentation on things I learned about creating a premium plugin, you'll love what I'm working on next.

Making pro plugins is a premium video series that will teach you everything you need to know to create, release and market a "pro" plugin with a paid license fee.

Together we'll take a plugin, separate out any free and pro functionality, set up a site to sell it from, and release it to get sales and feedback on the plugin from paying customers.

The course will cover topics like:

  • Things to consider before releasing a free version of your plugin (and why you'd probably want to have a free version)
  • Deciding what features should be in pro (vs. free)
  • How to separate the code for the free and pro versions of your plugin
  • Preparing your plugin for release
  • Setting up a system to market and get payments for your pro plugin
  • Getting your first sale (and having it make a 'cha-ching' sound on your phone)
  • Driving traffic to your plugin site

...and lots more.

If you'd like to stay updated, just drop your email address below and I'll let you know when it's ready.

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Who am I?

Hello!  I'm @brianhogg, consultant and developer, author of Working with WordPress and JavaScriptplugin creator, lead organizer of WordPress Hamilton, and co-host of Between Two Posts.

I also teach on my blog, through screencasts, and speaking at conferences.