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Nadine Pisani

One obstacle would have been if you could do what I needed. To a newbie, I wasn’t sure what was involved in the migration of one site to another. Plus,… Read more »

Sue Vajoczki

He asked relevant and appropriate questions before building the tool so that, through the development and implementation stages, he truly understood what we were looking for and why. The end… Read more »

Mark Fissell

He’s clearly a talented developer, but he’s set apart by his ability to work with non-technical clients and help them in terms they can understand. Further, Brian’s engagement model, which… Read more »

Lawrence Hill

Brian Hogg is by far and away the best specialist I’ve ever met. He’s quick, efficient and adaptable. He listens to what I need and provides appropriate solutions. And his… Read more »

Abraham Zamcheck

Brian helped identify the needs of our organization and conveyed how he could utilize his time well while staying within our budget. We went from having a site which looked… Read more »

Abraham Zamcheck

The easy restore which has saved us a few times is thanks in large part to you having recommended WPEngine to us