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How to avoid the MailChimp “too many attempts” signup error

While launching my Working with JavaScript and WordPress course, I ended up getting on one of the e-blasts from the JavaScript for WP course. While I was getting a lot of signups without any issues, a couple people reported seeing a “too many attempts” error even though they’ve never tried to sign up before and only tried once…. Read more »

Review of the Smart Podcaster plugin for WordPress

I recently tried the Smart Podcast Plugin by the infamous Pat Flynn, and wanted to share some thoughts on getting it configured the way I wanted for the Discover #HamOnt Podcast.

How to integrate MailChimp into WordPress

In these videos you’ll learn how to integrate a MailChimp signup form, customize the look and feel of the signup process, and how to provide a free download to new subscribers.

Why Twitter share is not working with your test server website links

Was trying to wrap my head around why the twitter share URL was not working on the test server, as it would say the tweet is too long even though the url should be shortened by Twitter automatically.  It seemed I had to use wp_get_shortlink() or a link rather than the full URL. Turns out it… Read more »

How to fix slow sendmail on a Digital Ocean Ubuntu droplet

I recently switched over to Digital Ocean for my main server thanks to Bryan Poetz‘s  suggestion, and was running into an issue where mail was sending but slowly. Turns out there were two problems. First, I had named the droplet “main” (since it was, you know, the main server), but this really should be a… Read more »

Introduction to Backbone.js

I recently spoke again at WordCamp Buffalo.  I saw a lot of great talks and met some passionate WordPress designers, developers and users I normally wouldn’t have! The talk was an Introduction to Backbone.js and the slides are available here along with an example plugin you can use to get started. TweetShareShare

How to Protect Yourself When Having Custom Software Developed

I was recently brought in to assess a site that was developed.  Though it was supposed to have been custom written to fit the needs of the business, it turns out the local company simply purchased a pre-written (originally from 2004) piece of software but tried to pass it off as custom developed by changing… Read more »