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How to get VVV working again after OSX update

I just updated to the latest version of El Capitan (10.11.6) and was no longer able to access any of the virtual hosts in VVV due to an HTTP timeout.

How does the WPEngine GeoIP service work?

Today WPEngine launched their new GeoIP service, and I was excited to check it out. After doing a presentation on handling Geolocation in WordPress I know it can be a difficult problem to solve at scale, especially with any kind of caching. The way it works is by having a plugin installed that gives you functions to grab… Read more »

How to fix slow sendmail on a Digital Ocean Ubuntu droplet

I recently switched over to Digital Ocean for my main server thanks to Bryan Poetz‘s  suggestion, and was running into an issue where mail was sending but slowly. Turns out there were two problems. First, I had named the droplet “main” (since it was, you know, the main server), but this really should be a… Read more »

Issues Fetching calendar times from iCloud via CalDAV

Using the ‘root’ server will fetch calendar entries for a particular user, but the results will not always be complete. No errors are raised at all yet the results weren’t correct. After a bit of experimentation it turns out using instead of the user’s “actual” server ( in my case) causes random calendar… Read more »