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How to use a windows keyboard with Anydesk on macOS

I just got a PC for the first time in a (very) long time, and got a Ducky One2 keyboard (Windows layout) to go with it. I ended up liking a mechanical keyboard more than I thought, so I wanted to use it with macOS as well. Using the Modifier Keys setting in macOS worked… Read more »

Fixing broken PHP errors after upgrading

Recently did a brew install and it started updating all the things. With a new version of PHP out, it decided to break my link with an ominous error: Fortunately the fix was pretty easy: Where you can replace 7.4 with the version of PHP you’d like to use. Voila, all good: Hopefully this helps… Read more »

How to Remove on a Nortictrack Machine with iFit

I hopped on the treadmill about a week ago and as I started the workout, music suddenly started blaring from the machine and a “” block appeared in the top left. I listen to music on another speaker so I looked in the settings on how to get rid of it, and there’s actually no… Read more »