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How to sell a plugin with a quick checkout service and Easy Digital Downloads

By default you can set up Stripe, PayPal and other payment gateways to complete a sale using Easy Digital Downloads.  But all of them happen on a separate checkout page. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use something like Paddle or SendOwl to collect payment in a simple popup modal, and have Easy Digital Downloads handle the software licensing?

How to Integrate Easy Digital Downloads and HelpScout

Easily see the sales data when you get a new message or support request, with links to quickly jump to that sale or license key in Easy Digital Downloads.  Huge time saver!

How to alter or disable the EDD renewal discount if the license key expired

It’s common practice (at least at the moment) in the WordPress world to offer a discount when someone renews their license key for your plugin. But I don’t want to give the same full discount forever, if they let their license expire then decide to renew weeks or months down the road.  By creating a time limit on the discount it forces the decision to be made and renew.