Author: bhcadmin

HackerNest Construct Hackathon

The HackerNest Construct Hackathon took place a couple weeks back, and myself, Garth Gutenberg, Connie Leung and Tom Pepper competed as Team ISIS.  The whole event was super well organized, and… Read more »

Geolocation in WordPress

The video from my talk at WordCamp Buffalo 2013, Geolocation in WordPress, has been posted on  Was a great event and looking forward to attending more WordCamps in 2014!… Read more »

Removing the author from a WordPress feed

One client didn’t want the author’s e-mail address directly visible, and though it was removed from the theme it still appeared in the feed. Fortunately there’s a filter for that:… Read more »

WordPress Plugin Repository not updating

When pushing a recent update to the Weever Apps plugin, the version number did not seem to be updating. Most documentation mentions updating the readme.txt file, but not the main… Read more »

WordPress AJAX response codes using status_header

I’m constantly searching around for the cleanest and most “WordPress way” to do things vs. re-inventing the wheel.  One function that helps write cleaner AJAX call handlers is status_header(), to… Read more »