Author: bhcadmin

How to use a windows keyboard with Anydesk on macOS

I just got a PC for the first time in a (very) long time, and got a Ducky One2 keyboard (Windows layout) to go with it. I ended up liking a mechanical keyboard more than I thought, so I wanted to use it with macOS as well. Using the Modifier Keys setting in macOS worked… Read more »

Fixing broken PHP errors after upgrading

Recently did a brew install and it started updating all the things. With a new version of PHP out, it decided to break my link with an ominous error: Fortunately the fix was pretty easy: Where you can replace 7.4 with the version of PHP you’d like to use. Voila, all good: Hopefully this helps… Read more »

How to Remove on a Nortictrack Machine with iFit

I hopped on the treadmill about a week ago and as I started the workout, music suddenly started blaring from the machine and a “” block appeared in the top left. I listen to music on another speaker so I looked in the settings on how to get rid of it, and there’s actually no… Read more »

How to anonymize the WordPress users on your local or staging site

You never want to accidentally send emails to users from your local or staging version of your site, especially if you run an e-commerce site with a bunch of customer data. Use this query to anonymize the email addresses in your database.

Submitting, maintaining and growing a plugin on

You have a plugin and want more people to check it out, and submit it to the official WordPress plugin directory. But how do you get it ready and submit it, easily keep it up-to-date, avoid common conflicts with other plugins, and get more people finding out about it? In this talk I’ll go through… Read more »

Highlights from the LoopConf 2018 Conference

A couple weeks ago I attended LoopConf 2018, a conference specifically for WordPress developers. Funnily enough, a lot of the talks weren’t just for WordPress developers but for web developers in general.

How do you price a plugin?

So you’re thinking of selling a plugin, or you have one already out there, but you’re not sure what you should sell it for. Answer: it depends.

Why Gutenberg Should Remain a Plugin

I’m still pretty set on not having it be included in core with the next release and to keep it as a plugin. It’s far from ready, and the current plan is to push it out by April of 2018.